How do office environments in contemporary buildings, optimized to maximize building performance, affect the well-being of the individuals who work in them?


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College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
342 Clifton Court - Cincinnati, OH 45221

This is our project

Understanding the interrelationships between humans and technology to improve the quality of work life in smart buildings

The project recognizes the fact that the complexity of building automation systems has increased exponentially over the past several decades, and these systems are expected to continue to become more advanced and more automated in the future. While these sophisticated building technologies make for an energy-efficient building, the effects on the workers in these environments are not well understood.

The objective of this proposed planning project is to develop the methodology for collecting, analyzing, and correlating existing discipline specific research and data about buildings and the workers in them in search of undiscovered interactions that affect well-being.

During the planning project, we will explore the interrelationships among overall building performance, indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, physical health, and satisfaction with the work environment by:

  1. Expanding the team of researchers.
  2. Developing methods for collecting and recording data on building performance and worker well-being,
  3. Launching a pilot study to gather initial data on building performance and well-being, 
  4. Searching for interactions and correlations as the foundation for a longitudinal NSF Future of Work proposal.