How do office environments in contemporary buildings, optimized to maximize building performance, affect the well-being of the individuals who work in them?


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College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
342 Clifton Court - Cincinnati, OH 45221

Project Phases

The team will establish comprehensive methods and tools to collect, record and evaluate data on building performance and well-being in high-performing, automated work environments. The next step would be to apply and test the methodology by collecting initial data in a pilot study of a small subset of individuals and their work environments. We will utilize data analytics to search for correlations between well-being and building performance to verify the methodology, hone our hypotheses, and position our research for expansion.


These tasks will position our team to pursue a well-defined convergent research plan, to be described in a FW- HTF Research Grant proposal, that examines future technologies that control the indoor environments in high performing buildings, future work that will be affected by the new devices and controls within these environments, and the wellness of future workers who will be expected to perform within the context of increasingly automated smart buildings.